About Us

Triple-Communication Success is a community building education app, documenting and celebrating students' progress in the cloud. The app provides instant access for teachers, parents and students to view comments, photos, videos, etc. of the student's work.

Research studies from 2017 and on consistently find that more support from home improves student academics. Triple-Communication Success allows teachers to use the small tool of a smart phone to create large positive impact by generating communication and support with home for the student. Creating a base of trust and positive communication between home and school, students can climb and grow.

Referring to the old adage "It takes a village...", Tri-Comm Success sets the village up with a new strategy for community building.

30 seconds is enough time for the teacher to select a student from their roster, take a picture or video, leave a couple of emoji comments and then post for home and student to see. Progress is documented so student and home can see, hear, share and most importantly feel that support. Celebrate the journey as the reward!